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Our Method

Build measurable and instantly effective digital marketing campaigns
It goes without saying what pay-per-click advertising is. Ads can be targeted through a range of options, including paid search, remarketing, and display ads, and you only pay for any high-intent clicks to your site. Aside from providing instant results, our paid media agency provides cost-effective solutions that are easy to measure. PPC allows you to set an overall budget and control how much you spend on each click, so you’ll never spend more than you want to.


Keyword Research

One of the most important aspects of PPC is keyword research, as it is the cornerstone of the entire campaign. Keywords are the only way for search engines to know when to display your ads. Choosing the right keywords result in the most views, click-throughs, traffic, and conversions.


Web & Ad Build

Our next step involves building out your landing pages and creating your ads. We keep ads short, snappy and to the point. Enough to grab a potential customers attention, hold their interest, and pique their curiosity. Different sets of ads are created to ensure each group targets a specific demographic.



Once we’ve got the ball rolling, it’s time to take learnings from the data, tweaking and optimising everything incrementally to ensure we consistently drive more traffic from our campaigns, reduce our cost per click and provide you with the best possible return on investment.

Paid Media Agency Capabilities

Comprehensive Paid Media Agency services that drive Revenue

Paid Media Agency - Reign Supreme
Paid search allows you to cut through the noise and get noticed at the very top of Google and other search engines. Working similarly to other pay-per-click models, paid search marketing allows for directly controlled and measurable results.
Paid Media Agency - Reign Supreme
Pay per click advertising is exactly as it says, we create ads and you only pay for each individual click that visitor makes. This includes social platforms such as Facebook and TikTok, as well as shopping platforms like Amazon.
Paid Media Agency - Reign Supreme
Ecommerce PPC allows you to effectively promote your online store and products via paid advertising. If you’re a ecommerce store you’ll benefit from investing in ecommerce PPC, allowing for data driven scalability and improved ROI.
Paid Media Agency - Reign Supreme

Our Amazon ad experts help you identify your target audience, determine the best spots to place your products, and create the perfect advert to maximise visibility and sales. Whether you’re established, or starting out.

Paid Media Agency - Reign Supreme
Paid social campaigns offer a smart, highly targeted, and cost-effective way to make your brand stand out, and generate sales or leads. With paid social ads, you can increase online conversions, ROI, and engagement with your audience.
Paid Media Agency - Reign Supreme

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) allows us to increase the percentage of visitors who complete a particular action on your website. We continuously test, tweak and improve on processes to fix leaks in your funnel and maximise traffic, sales and conversions.

Paid Media Agency - Reign Supreme

Paid Media Definition

What is Paid Media & how can it help?

The use of paid media allows brands to promote their content, products or services to hyper-targetted audiences in an instant. This can include sponsored social media posts, display advertising, paid search results, video ads, and other methods. Our paid media agency allows for an affordable, measurable, and scalable advertising solution that helps you generate more traffic, clicks and sales. With most paid media forms, you only pay per action taken from your target audience, otherwise known as pay per click.

Paid Media Agency Services

Beyond Foundational Paid Media
Due to our technical expertise, we have been able to automate many parts of our paid media agency processes. Therefore, our consultants are relieved of repetitive, time-consuming tasks and can instead focus on providing you with high-level strategic advice. As part of our integrated marketing services, we go beyond paid media offering support with SEO, content, social media management, web development, and digital PR. All in support of your business objectives across most digital channels.

Paid Media Agency Advantage

Why do I need an Paid media Agency?

Getting started with pay per click advertising can seem daunting that’s why we advise partnering with a paid media agency that’s experienced, results-driven and passionate about what they do (like us!). It’s not simply about creating ad campaigns and letting them just generate sales or leads, but continuously learn from them, split test them, and optimise our campaigns to ensure we get more from our buck. With Reign Supreme you can be sure you’ll have a strategic marketing partner that will grow alongside you, and celebrate your success.
Paid Media Agency - Reign Supreme


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Every client, partner, and team member is important to us, which is why our aim is to always over-deliver, innovate our service and celebrate your success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about working with us? Check out our FAQ below! But in the case that we haven’t been able to answer your question, drop us a message in the contact form above.

Our team has seen it all, and has tried and tested methods to run effective PPC ad campaigns that generate instant sales and leads for clients from every industry & sector. We’ll always aim to over deliver whilst providing an unparalleled client experience.
Unlike other paid media agencies who specialise in PPC alone, we’re a 360 digital agency that understands that PPC requires a multitude of disciplines to be successful: digital PR, link building, content marketing, technical SEO. Trust in our holistic digital marketing agency approach.

Results can often be instant with our paid media agency campaigns, although our goal is to continually improve on our return on ad spend, learn what works for your brand and scale accordingly.

Depending on your industry, ad budget and competition, we usually do. Our in-depth research and competitor analysis allows us to determine what the likely results will be before running your ad campaigns. 

Upon conducting our initial research, results can often be instant. We’ll monitor clicks, leads and conversions regularly to quickly learn what’s working, what isn’t and double down on what is.

We don’t discriminate on industry or sector. If you’re nice and looking for some help with your growth, we’d love to help you out. Over the years we’ve helped tradesman, food brands and B2B businesses.

Each of our clients receives a bespoke Google Data Studio dashboard that summarises their performance across SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Digital PR. In addition, we provide a clear & concise commentary to highlight successes and areas for improvement. Additionally, we use a project management tool so that you can see clearly what we are doing month-by-month and how it ties into the overarching strategy we agreed on together to accomplish your goals.

Our approach depends on the campaigns we are running for you and how they align with your larger business goals. We typically measure views, impressions, traffic, and recall lift in upper-funnel PPC campaigns. When it comes to lower-funnel campaigns, we’ll measure key metrics like volume of leads and conversions, return on advertising spend (ROAS), and cost per acquisition (CPA).
With SEO, your website will appear higher in search engines like Google and Bing ‘organically‘ (without direct exchange of money). PPC advertising involves using a Pay-Per-Click model to advertise across networks. You pay for every click on your adverts, which direct online traffic to your website.
Ads will be placed on any platform deemed relevant to your business strategy, often beginning with Google Search, Display, Video, Shopping, and Microsoft Advertising. Among the other advertising services we provide are social media platforms, Amazon and niche platforms like Pinterest or Reddit.
Reign Supreme - Digital Marketing Agency In London

Integrated Paid Media Agency

More than a Paid media Agency
While PPC is an integral part of our integrated digital marketing services, we can also help you with any other task that may arise such as SEO, content, social media management, web development, and digital PR.

We offer the SEO expertise and resources to help keep your pages ranked on search engines, optimising your website to perform better, and creating content that is regularly shared.

Any SEO strategy should focus on improving your website’s authority. Obtaining high-quality backlinks from trusted websites is crucial to the success of your website. Let our team of digital PR experts help.

A good website starts with great content. Content marketing can help build backlinks, drive traffic to your website and improve your brand awareness – all of which are essential to SEO.